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The Most Important Rule

Rules remind me of this picture

Rules remind me of this picture


Every blog that discusses the rules of blogging states that if you are going to blog, you must post at least once a week. Once a week?! Ugh. I hate rules. They’re so confining. They’re kind of like the  intricately woven mock half turtle of my sweater in this picture of me from high school. See how it’s constricting my throat and making me choke? This sweater is like blog rules.

 I prefer to blog like my hair in this picture — Free-form, taming (or editing) is optional, and in unexpected places, can be quite large. Even possibly finger-teased? We’re not quite sure…  Or maybe I should blog more like my eyes in this picture – focused on what, it’s unclear, but it sure makes me smile crookedly.

 Rules make me as uncomfortable as the white wicker chair I’m sitting in. Rules feel as artificial as the plant behind me. Weekly schmeekly! I’m doing my best over here. How about that for a rule? Do your best.  As of this moment I’m officially changing all rules of blogging to be only that one: DO YOUR BEST.

 It’s not that I don’t want to blog weekly. I DO! Me likey! I even have a compelling and popular subject matter for my next humdinger of a post, which I won’t give away, but here’s a hint —  it’s about tiny things that make your head all scratchy and rhyme with schmice.  Coming soon into your inbox, that one. In the meantime, let’s all follow the only rule that really matters in blogging and in life, outside of DON’T TALK WITH FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH, ESPECIALLY WHILE EATING A BAGEL. Or wait, DON’T SPEAK TO ME UNTIL YOU’VE BRUSHED YOUR TEETH is also a keeper. I’m clearly not concerned with rules about hair maintenance, as it seems I gave up on that back when my finest picture day sweaters had shoulder pads. But please, mind the teeth, okay? Oh, and do your best.




14 Responses to “ The Most Important Rule ”

  1. Carol Salatka says:

    Very good, Lindsey. Makes me laugh!

  2. Chelsea Hardaway says:

    You, my dear, are a genius writer. Finger teased!!!

    These blog posts are appointment reading for me. Every bit as good as, or better than, Momastery.

  3. Lisa says:

    Haha! I can’t wait to read all about schmice!? 🙂

  4. Heidi Berry says:

    I am only wondering 1 thing…White Wicker Chair??

    Do Your Best. Nice. A good way to start a new week after procrastinating preparation for huge meeting and somehow suddenly have incorrect artwork holes in every wall and most of the furniture has been taken away (reupholstery).

    So very much enjoyed your post while lying on a bench, having my Saturday night (first) martini. Maybe I need some chips.

    Love and Hugs!

  5. Anna says:

    I love your writing, it always makes me smile!!! love to you oh talented one !!

  6. kathy stewart says:

    What a cute girl! So much like Mia!!

  7. Danielle Beck-Stack says:

    Are you sure the schmice aren’t pieces from the white wicker chair?


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