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Leaders Rock – And Here’s Why

This one goes out to all you leaders out they-yah

This one goes out to all you leaders out they-yah

This week I guest-blogged for In The Loop, a fantastic blog set up by the Troop Support Pros over at Girl Scouts River Valleys. They serve over 32,000 girls throughout 49 counties in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Whoa. They asked me to guest-blog because they were looking for a higher level authority on the exacting, specific, and rule-abiding science that is Leading Girl Scouts. And then that blogger called in sick so they found me. Under a rock. Snarfing an entire sleeve of trefoils. Burp.

To hear the sage advice and leader love I shared with my River Valleys Peeps, click here:

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4 Responses to “ Leaders Rock – And Here’s Why ”

  1. nora salatka says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    You are awesome for being a Girl Scout troop leader. I passed this on to Lynn’s GS troop leaders as I am sure they will enjoy relating to this difficult but fun job.

  2. Lynn says:

    Think I spy Lila Lu and Fiona with their MOM. Good for you. xoxo, Aunt Lynn


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