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Traveling with Kids

passport photo of infant with her her being held up

Sweet jammies! We’ve traveled with our kids since they were specks. Their first passport pictures are hilarious—Child #1 at four months old, sporting onesie pjs covered in red hearts and one giant, crazy hairdo (Our kids were born and will likely... (more...)

5 Things To Share With Your Child On Their First Day Of High School

Perhaps you are laughing at the title of this post as hard as I am. This because you already know that nothing, and I mean nothing you say to your child on their first day of high school will be heard. Your child will be so freaked out about the... (more...)

Meet My Friends, Irrational Fears

There’s a reason you won’t see me jumping from a high pier into the deep, dark ocean, like my nine year old daughter did today. It’s because I have Active Irrational Fears, and they are large and always sit very close to me, breathing on my... (more...)

The Abominable Hate Monster

Don’t be like me.   I don’t like to write about The Bad in life. I mean, I write about it because it helps me deal with it, but, like many writers I follow, I largely keep the dark stuff to myself. The news, the internet, the radio, it’s... (more...)

Why fish heads?

Don’t you look delicious today! I ran into my friend Annie at a water polo tournament last weekend, because if you want to locate me at any given moment on a weekend, your first stop should be at a water polo tournament. Annie said, “I love your... (more...)

The month of May

Here I am, sitting on a mustard bedspread, thinking about the Mays in my future Ah, May. The busiest month outside of December, full of graduations and weddings, parties and thank yous, goodbyes and tournaments, fundraisers and performances. May equals... (more...)

*SPOILER ALERT!* It All Comes Back to Gratitude

Let’s talk about goals, baby. I have noticed that Achieving Your Goals is a trending topic on many of the blogs I read lately. It seems a common thread in this arena is not only visualizing yourself achieving your goals, but also speaking your goals... (more...)

Mother’s Day When Your Mom Has Passed

I’m going to start a club for people like us, people who’ve lost their moms. We will have our annual meeting on Mother’s Day, in the 2nd largest banquet room at a fancy hotel. If your mom is alive, you will turn right at the massive bouquet in... (more...)

Nine Hugs a Day

Now that’s a hug This just in–we humans apparently need nine hugs a day to survive at our optimal level of health and happiness. To clarify, when I say ‘This just in’, it doesn’t mean this information is breaking, or even trending, ... (more...)

Lice, Ugh

No room at the Inn for you! I’ve had lice as an adult three times, in three countries. I hate to brag but it’s the truth. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this so readily but I’m sharing with you now so that if you ever contract lice, you will know, I... (more...)

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